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Route Finder!
Plot route on the map and get detailed directions to your destination

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Driving Directions!
Print out this page so you have the map and driving directions with you

Route Maker Instructions!
Helping you plan your holiday easier

  • To quickly locate a location type it into the Locate City field and click Go! You can search for cities such as Amsterdam, or a specific address such as 12 Main Street London.
  • Use the navigation controls on the left of the map to zoom in or out. Holding the left mouse button down will allow you to move the map around in the map window.
  • Double left clicking zooms in and double right clicking zooms out.
  • By typing in From: and To: locations in the Route Finder the route between the two locations will be drawn on the map and driving instructions will be listed. For your ease if you print this page out you will have both the map and driving instructions with you.
  • You can use the Find Places links to quickly locate up to 8 places of interest in the map window.


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